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How It's Made

New Concept Tools was started by Harry Prescott in 1978 in a small workshop located in the rural town of South Barre, Massachusetts. Today, New Concept Tools are still being designed and built by people with decades of experience in various utility fields. All of our products are time-tested and field-tested and will stand up to the toughest jobs. We won't sell a tool or specialty product until we're sure it will perform beyond our customer's expectations.


Waterworks Tools

Service Line Puller Kit


Hydrant Markers & Tools

Spring Flag Kit Install


Universal Flag Kit Install


Adjustable Hydrant Wrench & Setter


Gate Valve Tools & Accessories

Rounded Nut Grabber


Box Seat


Ratchet Gate Wrench


Handwheel for 2" Square Operating Nut


Socket Ratchet Wrench


Valve Setter


Valve Box Tools & Accessories

22" Valve Box Tongs