Combo Wrenches & Accessories

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All-In-One Combo Key

$ 233.75 $ 275.00

The Combo Key set combines six (6) waterworks service and valve box keys and wrenches into one lightweight assembly (approx. 23 lbs.). Its compact design makes it easy to store. The gate valve wrench and curb box key utilize a 4 ft. to 7 ft. telescoping shaft. All components slide together and lock in place with locking pins. Consists of: 1 ¼" x 41" main shaft, 1" x 40" extension shaft, 1" x 22" handle, 5/8" x 37" rod end shaft, Pentagon end (attached to main shaft), 2-Hole cover end, 2" Gate valve end with 2-way swivel, Curb end, Adjustable hydrant wrench end 5 push pins.

Combination Valve & Curb Key Set

$ 349.80

The Combination Valve & Curb Key Set takes the place of several waterworks wrenches. All components are stored in the heavy duty canvas bag which is rolled up and stored in your vehicle. You'll always have the right wrench available to operate any service or gate valve. Consists of: 1 Carrying bag, 1 2 Hole end, 1 2' Handle w/debris cleaner, 1 Gate wrench end, 3 3' Extension shafts, 1 Curb end ¾"-2", 1 3' Rod end shafts, 1 Pent End, 5 Push pins.